And I am just a normal human like all of you.I am not famous and people barely know my existence.I just love to write and i have a passion for fashion.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Eating Etiquette

Its ok to be all bavarian-ish when ur eating with ur guy friends although it is disgusting sometimes.But it is a BIG NO-NO if ur eating with ur girl friend or friends.Things to remember:

DO NOT CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN.close it.nobody wants to see the crushed food mixed with ur saliva going down ur intestine.ur going to turn off ppl's appetite.

Avoid talking when ur eating!U dont want the food in ur mouth flying out to ppl's face or food or even drink. Talk when u chewed and swallowed the food.

NEVER burp infront of her face.Dash to the toilet and say sorry when u finished ur business for leaving without a word.She'll understand.if she doesnt,BURP INFRONT OF HER FACE AND DUMP HER.HAHA

Please dont eat as if u didnt have food for 10 days.Eat properly!the food is not going to run away!!unless ur eating living animals.or mutated alien veggies

dont just reach out ur hands and steal her food even if u r that hungry.ask for her permission first.if she says no,back off and buy another meal.if ur trying to get the sauce or plate or bowl/etc,ask for someone to pass it if it is far away from u.nobody wants to smell ur armpit as u reach em.u might even knock down glasses and dip ur shirt in soup!

now,dont be childish and kick her leg under the table.no one likes it.especially if she just bought that jeans or dress or waxed her legs or whatever.how would u like it if someone kicks ur kaki when ur eating!?

When ur enjoying ur meal with her,avoid talking about dirty stuff.talk about stuff that are...nice and not ewy.

ok thats all im gonna write about since my neck hurts.and its already morning.hope it helps xD bye

Skinny Jeans

dont mind the ugly drawing.im too lazy to draw .

Skinny jeans!I got this topic from my friend!Now,lets talk about it.

Skinny jeans,as we all know,are sexy.

If ur skinny,of course.

Im not discriminating those who are fat,but sometimes we just have to face it!
We're not meant for it!
But if ur too skinny then skinny jeans wont look so sexy on u!
haha so cerewet lah me -_- well anyways,

unless ur trying to be a banana.
if u know how to make it look good,then go on.

for those who doesnt,to stay on the safe side,wear dark shades of skinnies.
but why not try the gray skinnies?
dont buy over-skinny skinny jeans!it would be hard for u to walk and for ur legs to breathe.u might even get.....MANDUL.i dont know what that is in english cuz im stupid.

Friday, March 6, 2009

numero uno

Guyz,wear something that would make your girl go *gaah <3* over you when you're on a date!Something like as shown above,maybe?
you dont have to spend lots of money on fancy stuff.u just need to learn on how to wear that thing and also,how to mixmatch the junks in ur closet.

dont think just bcuz ur a man,u can getaway with everything.girls nowadays care about how their men dress.*sigh*
even if ur not hot,u could impress her by showing that u got style!
maybe u'll get the hottest chick around?
who knows.

Post one!

Hello people! You must be asking.What is this blog for!?
well,i dont know either.HAHA
but its for guyz lah.
wish me luck on making this blog famous and useful?